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Company Profile

MeansGood is a company that focuses on the production of high-quality medicinal fungus raw materials. Through adversity and environmental control cultivation technology, it can stabilize large-scale mass production to cope with the shortage of agriculture and raw materials caused by climate change.


Use the adversity environmental control system technology to mass-produce highly active medicinal fungal raw materials on a large scale, and continue to screen and domesticate dominant strains, stably providing high-quality raw materials to cooperative manufacturers.

Customer Service

We produce safe and stable high-quality medicinal fungus raw materials, and each batch is entrusted to SGS inspection index ingredient content and food safety and hygiene inspection. Besides, according to customer needs, we provide different dosage forms such as dry products, granules, powders, and extracts, share application development technology and provide excellent service quality.

Quality and Safety Guarantee

MeansGood Agricultural Biotechnology persists in “creating precision and sustainable agriculture”, and the “medicinal fungus raw materials” produced by adversity environmental control system technology have passed various safety inspections and provided the highest quality health care raw materials.

Strain identification

Indicator activity test

Pesticide inspection

Heavy metal inspection

Microbial inspection

Medicinal fungi raw materials

Fungal herbal medicine is the best treasure that the earth bestows on human beings. By continuously screening and optimizing strains, we introduce large-scale mass production technology, supply high-quality and stable raw materials, and create development and application value for related industries.

Feed additives

MeansGood’s self-produced raw materials are used as the main formula, combined with academic research, efficacy and field feeding verification, which can effectively solve the feeding problems of animal husbandry, improve animal health and breeding, cut costs, and create value for customers.

Core Technology

MeansGood’s R&D team consists of professionals in the fields of microorganisms, plants, agriculture and optoelectronics to introduce a number of key technologies to develop the “LESA adversity environmental control cultivation” technology, including strain screening, domestication, breeding and regeneration technology, and environmental control agricultural technology.  The introduction of adversity formula further improves the technical threshold of indoor agriculture. Through independent research and development capabilities and industry-university cooperation, we continue to study and accumulate research and development energy, consistently innovating in raw materials, manufacturing processes, and service models to meet market trends and customer needs.

Strains screening

Domestication breeding

Adversity Recipe